Why is Aerobics Exercise So Popular?

Since 1970, the aerobics exercise has become increasingly popular. Hundreds of aerobics exercise videos were sold. There are many different kind of aerobics exercise being performed all over the world.

Aerobics exercise is a special type of exercise which generally involves rapid stepping patterns. These steps are performed usually to accompanying music and lead by an instructor who provides the necessary cues. After the 1970 publication The New Aerobics book written by Cooper, aerobics stated to grow in popularity and peaked in the 1980s. A lot of celebrities like Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons began to create their own videos and shows to promote aerobics exercises.

There are two most popular types of group aerobics exercise which are Freestyle aerobics and Pre-choreographed aerobics. Freestyle aerobics incorporate a style of aerobic exercises that include choreography and dance movements. It is mainly practiced to improve suppleness and most of the participants of this aerobics type are women.

However, in spite of its popularity, many people still excuses to not take up any form of exercise. People often claim that they do not have enough time to go to the gym or that gym membership is much too expensive. No matter what excuse is given, aerobics can actually be done in the comfort of the home.

There have been many similar videos since Jane Fonda’s video on exercises came out, so there are hundreds of these aerobics exercise videos to choose from. These videos include low-impact and as high-impact aerobics exercises. There are also specialist videos that cater to pregnant women in and the elderly.

Aerobics actually means with oxygen and this type of exercise uses large muscle groups over a period of time. It is also performed in a rhythm. Oxygen is used to sustain the activity over lengthy periods of time. Aerobics exercises require the muscles to work in great part so as to raise the heart rate to 60 percent to 80 percent of its maximum rate. It should also be continuously performed for at least a quarter of an hour to an hour.

Aerobic exercise can help you maintain a higher heart rate while the oxygen is used to burn the fats. At the beginning of an aerobic exercises session, glycogen is broken down to produce glucose. If there is not enough glucose available, it would result in fat beginning to decompose. When our body starts to use fat as a fuel, it causes a condition which marathon runners describe as hitting the wall.

Lose Weight With Aerobics Exercise

Losing weight is not very easy for most people. Most people don’t really know how to lose weight healthily. This is one reason why obesity has increased tremendously in most parts of the world. Losing weight not only takes time but also discipline. However, that is what most people don’t have. They don’t have the patience which is required to lose weight.

In our society today, we want everything instantly at this moment. When things take too much time we tend to give up. That is the main reason why most diets and exercise programs fail. However you should know that losing weight should not have to be so exhausting. It can also be fun to lose weight with aerobics exercise.

To lose weight effectively with aerobics, the workout should raise your heartbeat for an extended period of time. You should continue the aerobics workout for at least twenty minutes at a time. This is because this is the point where your body starts to use excess fat for energy.

However, aerobics workouts don’t have to be boring and don’t have to be the same thing day after day. The best way to continue your aerobics workout is to find several workouts that you can combine throughout the week or month. That way, your workout never becomes dull and you won’t get easily burned out.

Another factor that you must remember is to never lose your motivation. Most often, the reason people fail to lose weight is because their motivation wanes after a few days or weeks. Healthily losing weight takes time. It can be weeks or even months before you reach the weight you desire. If you want to lose weight healthily, you should only lose about a pound or two a week. This is too slow for most people.

However, you should remember that it took even more time to pile the pounds on so that is why it is going to take time to get them off. Most people don’t realize is that it takes twice as long to lose the weight as it does to gain it. So, the most important thing to remember is to never lose your motivation and continue with your aerobics workouts to lose weight.

7 Tips To Maintain Your Indoor Exercise Bike

Indoor exercise bikes are one of the most popular types of home fitness equipment. They’re easy to use; you can burn a lot of calories in a short workout; they don’t take up much space; they’re budget friendly, and they’re easy to maintain. Keeping your bike in tip top shape is a great way to make it last a lifetime.

Tip #1 Clean After Use

Chances are you sweat when you work out. When you’re done exercising, wipe down the handlebars and seat with a damp cloth and dry it. This will help keep the vinyl, leather, plastic, and rubber parts clean and germ free. They’ll last longer. Use soap and water, or a diluted non-abrasive cleaning solution. Rinse to remove detergent residue and then dry completely. Leaving it damp can cause the material to crack – not comfortable when you sit down.

Tip #2 Pedals

The pedals are actually the part of your bike that will receive the worst wear and tear. It’s important to make sure that they’re in good shape. On a weekly basis check to make sure that your pedals are tight. A loose pedal can fall off when you’re working out and cause injury.

Tip #3 Your Flywheel

On a weekly basis, wipe down your flywheel. It will accumulate dust, hair, and dirt as you exercise. Wiping it down will help maintain your bike’s longevity. You can use a product like WD-40 to clean and lubricate it.

Tip #4 Check Your Brakes

Yep, your bike has a brake pad and it’s important to make sure it’s in good shape. Check for wear, dryness, and debris. You may need to occasionally lubricate the brake pad and clean it. You may also need to replace the brake pad.

Tip #5 Your Tension Belt

Your tension belt is the mechanical part that provides the resistance when you ride. The more you ride, the more wear and tear it’ll have. Examine your tension belt on a monthly basis. Make sure it isn’t frayed, cracked, or split. Also make sure that your tension belt isn’t slipping. You may need to replace the belt from time to time.

Tip #6 The Bottom Bracket

Make sure to check the bottom bracket on a monthly basis. The bottom bracket of your indoor exercise bike is what keeps it all together. If it becomes loose you’ll lose stability in the bike. You can actually crack the bracket or worse – injure yourself. Make sure the bracket is tight.

Tip #7 Positioning

Over time your bike seat and handlebars may shift. Proper positioning and alignment ensure you receive the best workout. If your seat is too low you can suffer knee and hip pain. If your handlebars are too close or too far away you can suffer back pain. Regularly check to make sure your seat is in the correct place. This is particularly important if more than one person is using the bike. Consider using a marker to note where your seat position should be.

Finally, if you hear any unusual noises, make sure to stop and check your bike immediately. Proper maintenance of your indoor exercise bike is simple and an essential step to ensure it lasts as long as you need it to.

Exercises For Hips – To Slim and Slenderize

Here are some great exercises for hips, to slim and slenderize them pretty quickly. Results should appear in 2 weeks… maybe a little less. Please don’t think that you do these exercises and you’ll instantly have slim and curvy hips within 3 days. It won’t happen. But if you give me a few minutes time each day, these exercises will help you to lose your hips.

Exercises for Hips – To Slim Them Fast

1. Use hula hooping

Using a hula hoop to help you to lose fat from your hips… there probably is no better direct hips exercise that gets the results like hula hooping. Now, you need to make sure of a couple things. First, a regular “kid’s hula hoop” just won’t work for you. The reason is simple. They’re TOO LIGHT. They’ll fall to the ground almost immediately because they rotate too fast. You don’t have the hip control to keep it rotating.

What you need is a weighted hula hoop to make this work. Now, yes, they do cost more money ($15-20), but it’s a great investment in yourself AND YOUR HIPS.

The other thing you need to make sure of is that you only do this for a couple minutes at a time at most and to do multiple 2-3 minute sets each day… for a total of 10 minutes.

Your goal is simple… 10 minutes a day. Get there in short sets and do this daily.

2. Side kicks

These work for the hips also, but here’s the thing. Don’t kick too hard. If you do, you may irritate and cause too much stress to your ligaments and joints. So just do some simple side kicks. Do 10 with your right leg and then 10 with your left leg. Rest. Then repeat this for a total of 3 times of 10 reps for each leg. Do this 3 times a week.

These 2 exercises for hips, to slim and slenderize them, help to firm up and tighten the whole hips structure.

Reduce Belly Fat With Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer

Many people try to reduce abdominal fat with diet and exercise but have no luck. Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer is formulated to reduce belly fat and keep it from coming back without the need for a special diet or exercise. A plastic surgeon from Hollywood named Dr. Frank Ryan developed this formula and it as shown to have amazing results.

Abdominal Fat is Hazardous to Your Health

Belly fat is the most stubborn fat of all and is almost impossible to eliminate or even reduce. Many people simply hate the way they look just because of a pot belly or extra weight around their midsection. Losing weight and doing cardio exercise is great for your health, but they do not specifically help you lose belly fat.

Men are at greater risk than women to put on extra weight in their midsection. Women usually store fat in their abdomen after menopause, because the body stops storing it in the hips, arms, and legs and starts storing it in the abdomen. This is due to the decrease of estrogen at menopause. There is some evidence that this decrease in estrogen encourages the production of cortisol, which in turn causes the storage of belly fat.

Other than looking bad, belly fat has serious health implications. Visceral fat is stored in the abdominal region and it is found between the internal organs. Some of the health implications are:

• Affects metabolic processes

• Higher risk of cardiovascular disease

• Can increase blood pressure

• May increase the risk of stroke

• Causes high level of triglycerides

• Causes low level of HDL, or good cholesterol

• Linked to breast cancer in women

• Association to some forms of cancer

• Affects insulin resistance which may lead to type 2 diabetes

• May lead to sleep apnea

How Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer Works

Clinical studies have shown that Dr Franks Abdominal Fat Reducer can reduce belly fat without requiring a change in diet or exercise. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) helps reduce abdominal fat by lowering the amount of fat that is stored in the abdomen, increasing the speed at which these fat cells in the abdomen are broken down, and increasing the speed at which belly fat is metabolized.

CLA and the other ingredients in Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer actually keep abdominal fat cells from forming in the future. So it helps you lose belly fat and keeps it from coming back. The proprietary blend includes CLA, green tea extract, l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine, phosphatidylserine, dandelion extract, and anhydrous caffeine.

Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer affects your body in several ways in addition to helping you reduce abdominal fat. These are:

• Increasing energy – More energy helps you burn calories and feel better.

• Speeding up metabolism – Causes more calories and fat to burn faster.

• Burning fat – Fat will be used for fuel and not stored.

• Improving fat metabolism – Your body will use stored fat for energy.

• Supporting your liver – The liver cleans the blood and breaks down fat cells. If your liver is functioning well, it will help your fat loss.

• Reducing stress – This helps reduce the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone which causes abdominal fat.

Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer is an all natural product that will show results quickly. It will help you lose belly fat along with increasing energy and metabolism. All you have to do is take two soft gels twice a day with a meal and with 10 to 12 ounces of water. This product is manufactured by Endless Youth and Life.

Foods That Promote Weight Loss – Peanut Butter, Green Tea, Almonds, & Beans

There are certain foods that promote weight loss when eaten. The most important factor in losing weight is your diet, above exercise and above supplements. In this article I will outline healthy foods for weight loss.

The reason these foods work is because your body burn calories digesting foods. Certain foods require more calories to be burnt in order to be digested. These foods are not the whole puzzle. They should be combined in your current diet and or exercise program to get maximum results.

Green Tea: Most people either drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Whichever you’re doing replace it with green tea. There are chemicals in green tea that burn fat. Going into the scope of how and why these chemicals burn fat is beyond this article. On top of fat burning properties it also offers powerful antioxidants and other health benefits.

Peanut Butter: ALL NATURAL peanut butter. We’re not talking Jiffy here. Buy the all natural peanut butter where the oil is on top. A great snack combination is celery and peanut butter. Not only will it help burn fat but the fiber will suppress your appetite.

Almonds: Almonds contain the good fats. Almonds are one of the power foods from the abs diet. It is rich in fatty acids (good thing) and protein. Aim for a handful of almonds per day. I like crunching them up in my oatmeal.

Beans: Beans are rich in fiber and help keep you full. The good bean list is kidney beans, navy beans, white beans and Lima beans. I have found beans to be very helpful in suppressing my appetite.

Make sure you ad these to a diet plan that you will actually stick to. The best diet is one that you can actually stick to long term. If you can’t afford a nutritionist or diet program to perfectly plan out your meal plans then it might come down to a lot of trial and error.

The Effects of Creatine on a Bodybuilder’s Physique

Creatine, arguably the most powerful, legal, sports supplement on the market for over a decade, is not much more than a combination of amino acids. Creatine was not invented by any supplement company it was discovered in 1835 by a French scientist and philosopher named Michel-EugèneChevreul.

While there are many benefits to Creatine beyond exercise (brain, heart, the body’s production of growth hormone, anti-aging effects, fatigue, muscle atrophy, Parkinson’s disease and more) many bodybuilders look for the immediate physical results of this dietary sports supplement. Let’s take a look at the effects of Creatine on a bodybuilder’s physique.

Top 3 Creatine Supplementation Physical Effects:

  • Increase in muscle size
  • Increase in body mass
  • Decrease in body fat

Shortly after commencing supplementation with Creatine (assuming you are not part of the approximate 33% that does not respond to Creatine supplementation) you will notice an increase in muscle size and overall body mass.

The initial muscle size comes from a term called “muscle volumizing.” Creatine draws water into the cell through a process of osmosis. As the water is drawn in the muscle’s cells, the muscle physically swells with water. Thus, the initial size is because of this muscle volumizing. This muscle volume increase leads to an increase in body composition.

Because of Muscle Volumizing, the effect of Creatine on a bodybuilder’s physique can increase body weight by 1-3 kilograms (2-7 pounds) during the first week of supplementation alone! This is the weight gain most commonly associated with Creatine supplementation. It’s not actual muscle being built at this point but water in the muscles that is stored. During a Creatine cycle, you might feel more pumped and full because of this process.

With over 300 peer reviewed published scientific studies, Creatine supplementation has been shown to promote the growth of lean muscle (through an increase in exercise intensity, recovery and increased protein synthesis). Without a doubt, the increase in work because of the available energy is responsible for an increase in intensity and work which leads to more lean muscle mass. As mentioned above, muscle volumizing helps contribute to the noticeable lean muscle mass. Because muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat, it burns more calories at rest. By increasing muscle mass, you will burn more calories and make it harder for your body to gain body fat. Creatine supplementation is an excellent way to help promote lean muscle mass which will help burn more fat.

While there are several more positive effects of Creatine supplementation on the bodybuilder’s physique, the most obvious are an increase in muscle mass through volumization, and increase in body weight and a loss of body fat from an increase in lean muscle mass.

GM Diet – My Experiments With the Truth

You may love it or you may hate it, but I am very sure, if you are seeking for weight-loss methods, you can never ignore it. General Motors Diet or popularly known GM Diet, ranks highest in the most-sought diet charts. Surprisingly, I have yet not found any information about GM Diet on any of the official sites of General Motors (update me if I have missed any).

Various sites, blogs and forums have discussed about GM diet, but in a scattered manner. My primary intention behind this post is to represent various facets of this diet plan and to give a comprehensive overview, based on the experiences of my own as well as of my friends.


This diet plan was introduced at a general meeting of General Motors Corp. on 15th August 1985, initially intended for the use of the employees of General Motors company, to facilitate wellness and fitness. It was granted by the United States Agricultural Department and the FDA, further tested by the Johns Hopkins Research Centre.

It was designed as a ‘De-toxification diet program’, to improve ones metabolism through its cleansing systemic effects, reflected by an improved disposition and a feeling of well being. As an end-result, a weight loss of 4-6 kgs was expected within the program-week.


Here is the day-wise diet plan and its dietary significance. I have added few things from my experience and experiments, which worked.

Day 1:

Fruits of any kind (except bananas) in any quantity. The most preferred fruits are the melons and cantaloupes, due to their high water content. In addition, you should drink at least 10 glasses of water.

By eating fruits, you are preparing your system for the upcoming program. Fresh fruits are nature’s perfect food, providing all essential elements needed to sustain life. Fruits are also a good source of antioxidants and are fiber-rich. Fruits are also considered as a negative-calorie food, thus burning more calories for its digestion than those provided.

Believe me, I have done GM diet twice and have found this day the most difficult one. Firstly because of the sweetish taste of all fruits, and further due to an intense craving for bread or spices, that one develops towards the end of the day. The solution for this is the Soup to break the monotony of the fruity taste.

Day 2:

The day can start with a large baked potato with one pat of butter for breakfast. It definitely fills you with complex carbohydrates to start your day after the first sweety-fruity day.

For the rest of the day, you should eat all sorts of vegetables of your choice, raw or cooked. Vegetables have very less calories, high in nutrients and fiber. There is no limit on the amount. This should be added with drinking at least 10 glasses of water.

One can also mash a baked potato, add some onion & curd, and spice it up with chaat masala & red chilli powder and pinch of salt.

Day 3:

This day consists of a combination of fruits and vegetables of your choice, except banana & potato. In addition, you should drink at least 10 glasses of water. Potato is avoided on this day since the carbohydrates are available from the fruits that you eat.

One can do varieties of salads mixed with fruit slices. If you take more cucumber and melons, it’s more likely to lose weight than any other vegetables or fruits. Adding a curd to vegetable salad, in a ‘raita’ form will make it more palatable towards the evening, when it gets monotonous.

Day 4:

A day when you can eat nothing but eight bananas coupled with three glasses of milk. It is not mandatory to eat 8 bananas; you can have less as well. In fact, you might feel satisfied within 4-5 bananas within the whole day. This is the day when you can clearly feel your food-craving diminishing significantly. It feels divine, to get over your ‘desires’. Do not forget to drink at least 10 glasses of water, as always.

Bananas will act as a provider of carbohydrates that is easy to digest, coupled with sodium and potassium reserve.

Day 5:

This is considered as a ‘Feast day’, where you should eat up to two portions of lean beef (10 oz.) combined with six whole tomatoes – as a source of fiber. On this day, you should increase your daily water intake to at least 14 glasses. This is to cleanse your system of the uric acid getting produced. You will experience colorless urine on this day.

Beef is a source of proteins & iron, and thus an alternative can be paneer (tofu – soya paneer for better results) coupled with mushrooms for the vegetarians. Many people have recommended rice as a replacement to beef, but if one considers the nutritive contents, rice can not be the right surrogate.

Day 6:

Another day with beef and vegetables. Today you can eat any amount of beef combined with cooked or raw vegetables. Keep your daily water intake to 14 glasses. You can add the Soup to add some spice to your day.

Iron and proteins from the beef or paneer-mushroom combination, while fiber and nutrients from the vegetables. Till this time, you must have experienced an energetic feeling and an awareness of the power of natural food items.

Day 7:

The food intake on this day should consist of a bowl of brown rice with fruit juices and any vegetables you want to eat. Drink 14 glasses of water.

The juices will break the fast (?) providing the essential nutrients along with the vegetable stuffing. The brown rice provides the carbohydrates.

Now you must be at least 4 kgs lighter than day one, yet more energetic and free from the cravings for high-calorie stuff.

The Soup:

The following soup is a modified version of the GM Wonder Soup since it is not possible to get the Lipton Onion soup mix everywhere, as suggested in GM Soup. The modified soup goes parallel to the ‘rassam’ or ‘saaram’, served in south India. This soup is allowed to be consumed in large quantities throughout the program. It is intended as a supplement to your diet.

Boil few large-cut onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and celery in water. Add the sambhar masala for the taste. You may also add tomato-puree (but with the skin) instead of tomatoes to make it thicker. One can season it with herbs and flavorings. You may also add: asparagus, peas, corn, cauliflower, green beans or finely chopped mushroom.

General instructions for all days:

  • You may squeeze a lemon to flavor the water that you drink every day.
  • No alcohol of any kind since it adds empty calories.
  • Salt should be used as less as possible.
  • Use artificial sweetener, in case you can’t stay away from the sweet taste.
  • No fruit juices till day seven.
  • Black coffee or tea is allowed.

You may repeat the schedule, if you want further weight loss, but it is suggested that you should take a gap of at least two weeks in between two schedules.


Now the most important part: the doubts, accusations and myths.

“It works just by losing the water content of the body and not actually a fat loss.”

a.    Firstly, there is no mention of restricting the water intake on any day. How can one lose only water if we are consuming at least 10-14 glasses of water every day, added with the unlimited quantity of soup and the water contained in the melons, fruits and vegetables?

b.    It basically acts on the principle of ‘negative calorie foods’ where you are consuming certain foods that demand more calories to burn themselves than what they provide themselves. High-fiber food stuffs you but doesn’t provide the required calories, instead demands more calories to burn themselves, which is derived from the stored energy-deposits.

“Skin gets dry and you may lose your hair during and after the GM diet.”

a.    At least I have not met anyone in my acquaintance complaining of this, but found this on few blog-posts. The reason can be insufficient amount of water intake and not supplying enough protein sources on specific days.

“It is a temporary loss and you regain all lost weight in couple of weeks.”

a.    Obviously, if you resume your high-calorie food once again. It is not difficult to lose weight, but to maintain it. Malvika, my wife who is a dietician, always recommends a maintenance diet program after the GM diet schedule as follows:

i.    Only liquids in the form of soups, buttermilk or fruit juices for dinner on three consecutive days in a week. This should be followed endlessly, until you want your weight to bounce back.

ii.    Drink plenty of water as if you are on GM diet.

iii.    Exercise regularly.

“It’s just a Crash-diet and a Fad, nothing else!!”

a.    First of all, it is not promoted as a weight-loss diet, but a Detox diet that cleanses your system from within. Weight loss is just a by-product of it.

b.    Even if one looks at it as a ‘crash-diet’, it surely will not harm you, but will ‘move’ your weight in the least period, thus motivating many who tend to leave their regular diet and exercise regimens within first month, for not getting desired results. Once you can ‘see’ your weight dropping, it boosts your will to try further.

c.    As said above, it is futile unless you back it up with a maintenance program. You can not be on GM diet for lifetime, nor you can or should do it every month. Instead use is as an initial-motivator and switch to a liquid-dinner course later.


I myself have done GM diet twice. The first time I was very sincere in following it. Thanks to my wife and my mother, who made all arrangements for the foods on each day. I lost 4 kgs towards the fifth day. I could not lose any further on the last two days and I presume that to the rice I ate, as a substitute to the beef. The lost weight remained there for a month, in spite of not maintaining it actively. I could have lost at least half a kilo more, if I would have stayed away from the rice, which in any case I do not like to eat.

The next time I started it, but had to leave it in between due to some unavoidable circumstances. But had seen significant change in my weight and the energy level for the four days that I followed it.

The most significant gain has been with my lipids coming down to normal. I have had really bad lipid levels for two years and after following GM diet twice, being on statins and taking self-prescribed homeopathic medicines for the same, the latest levels of lipids were perfectly within normal limits. The credit goes to the high-fiber rich GM diet as well.


If followed sincerely, GM diet has a definite positive effect of its own on our metabolism. I agree that it is not an end in itself, and one needs to maintain the metabolism by appropriate food habits and exercise regimen. GM diet can not be a ‘quick & easy’ substitute to ‘efforts’, but surely can be a booster for those who have never seen their weight going downhill, providing a ‘kick-start’.

As Malvika says, ‘one should take a diet that s/he can follow for the lifetime…’ and that’s true! You can never have GM diet for everyday, since there are so many delicacies around to enjoy, but for that we need to have a balanced metabolism, so that we can give them their due justice.

Losing Weight By Eating Cucumbers

Is it really possible to lose weight by simply eating cucumbers? These common green vegetables are in fact a useful supplement to your weight reduction régime.

The cucumber is one of the most common salad vegetables. You can usually get them all year round. However they are best in May through July. The best ones to eat are organically grown ones because then you can eat the nutritious skin as well as the cucumber itself. If you can only find commercially grown ones be careful to peel off the waxed skin, as this contains pesticides, chemicals and wax.

How cucumbers will help you lose weight:

• Low calories: They are low in calories and have high water content. This means that they will fill you up without adding calories. They are in fact a great way to help you lose weight.

• Diuretic: they will help you to lose water due to water retention. This is a common problem with obesity.

• Increase fluids: It is essential to drink as much water as possible when you try to lose weight. This will help you to feel fuller and encourage you to eat less. Water will help you to flush toxins from your body. Plus your body needs at least 8 glasses of water to function well. Cucumbers have a large ratio of water which will increase your fluid intake.

• Fiber: cucumbers like most vegetables will provide you with fiber. When losing weight you should try to have a high fiber diet. Fiber will fill you up and encourage you to eat less. It will also aid in making your digestion better. When you digest your food better you will be able to lose weight.

Nutritional facts: an 8 ¼ inch cucumber has 2 grams of protein, 11 grams of carbohydrate, 1 ½ grams fiber, 5 grams of sugar, vitamins K,C, B6 and A. It also has foliate and potassium. A cucumber of this size will only contain 45 calories and because of the water and fiber in it will help to fill you up.

Choosing cucumbers: there are a number of different types of cucumbers and they will taste subtly different. The best way to get varieties that you like is to grow them either in containers or out in your yard. They will have a distinctive taste quite different from the somewhat insipid store cumbers.

• Lemon cucumbers: these are round yellowish green cucumbers with a nice mild flavor.

• Japanese cucumbers: these are a long thin variety that has a mild flavor and is good for eating in salads or as a salad on its own. They are usually found wrapped in cellophane wrap at the stores.

• American cucumbers: there are many varieties of these. They range from small pickling size to larger ones that are ideal for salads. Hybrids have made the cucumber a mild flavored vegetable which has lost much of the bitterness of the old varieties.

Tips for eating:

• Always choose fresh cucumbers that are not wrinkled or sunken. The older they get the more bitter you will find them.

• Cut the end off your cucumbers and rub a little salt into them by rubbing the ends together. Doing this will takeaway some of the bitterness.

• You can slice cucumbers and put them with a little vinegar, salt and pepper.

• You can also pickle them. There are a variety of recipes you can use.

How To Lose Weight Fast – Focus On MDF In That Exact Order And See Changes The 1st Week!

Do you want to learn how to lose weight fast… without getting the consequences associated with quick weight loss? Well, in order for that to happen, it all starts with focusing on the right things in the right order with your weight loss program. That’s where M.D.F comes in… and that what I’m going to talk about with you today…

Alright, first things first. I just got to ask a question: Did I do a good job in getting you curious about what the heck is M.D.F? I just hope I didn’t get you thinking that M.D.F is some type of dangerous illegal weight loss supplement that some underground drug company is producing (lol)!

Okay my friend, if you want to get fast results, then it is important that you create your transformation program by focusing on the 3 most important things in the proper order. Those 3 things are:

M – Metabolism: It is extremely important that you focus on the things you must do to increase your metabolism and avoid having it slow down. I know this may seem confusing and different in comparison to many other things you may have heard as far as dieting being the number one rule. Dieting is VERY important, however, EVERYTHING you do must be based around keeping your metabolism running strong… and that includes dieting… and that’s why focusing on figuring out what you need to do to boost your metabolism should be the first thing on your list.

D – Diet: The next most important thing to focus on is your dieting. It does not matter how long you are in the gym, or how long you just jogged for, if your diet is not in check, then the results are going to be minimal to none. Unfortunately for myself, I had to learn that the hard way! I would just eat what I wanted and assumed busting my butt with exercising would make it all alright… and boy was I wrong!

F – Fitness: And last, but certainly not least, you of course have to focus on fitness. Exercising is like the engine of a car, your metabolism is the car itself, and dieting is the gasoline. (WOW… that was kind of impressive! I’m going to make sure I copyright that quote as soon as possible… lol)! Anyway, making sure you are doing proper fitness routines is what will ensure you get that amazing body in no time.

Now, Here Is How You Put It All Together…

1.) For dieting, you have to boost your metabolism. So, this means that you have to go on a diet program based around eating in a way that increases your metabolic rate. The ways that this is possible is by eating smaller meals often during the day, shifting calories, eating healthy meals integrated with cheat meals in a special way, eating the right nutrients that boost your metabolism (such as dark green veggies and foods high in antioxidants), and more.

2.) For fitness, again, you have to boost your metabolism. This means you need to hit the stop button on the treadmill, walk off the platform, and step away from it! Long boring cardio WILL NOT BOOST YOUR METABOLISM! Contrary to what you may see constantly in the gym, cardio is not the best type of exercise for getting in shape.

The most effective and most efficient way to lose weight fast is actually to build lean muscle! Why is that you ask? Well, when you build lean muscle tissue, not only will you burn calories during your training session, you will also burn calories WELL AFTER your workout is down! And this is because building lean muscle tissue increases your metabolic rate and your resting metabolic rate!

When you do cardio, I recommend you do the number one type of cardio that is best for maintaining muscle tissue… and that would be high intensity cardio or high intensity interval cardio. Both types of workouts take WAY less time to do than traditional cardio, they are more fun to do, and they of course will burn away a crap load of calories!

So, if you have wondered how to lose weight fast, and if it was safe to do, then as you can see from above, if you focus on M.D.F (metabolism then diet then fitness), and if you do the right things with each, then make no mistake about it, you WILL see results in your first week! In fact, when I shifted my focus around and started to focus more on boosting my metabolism with diet and exercising, I dropped close to 5 pounds in my first week… naturally and permanently!

Weight Loss Tips

We live in a nation of growing obesity. Statistics indicate that obesity has doubled since 1980. A 2008 report showed that 1.5 billion adults were clinically obese and over 45 million children were obese. There are complications connected to being obese. Approximately 3 million people die yearly from disease brought on or made worse from obesity. These diseases include diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Practice Prevention: There are many things you can do to control your weight and prevent obesity. It is fundamentally a shift in how you think. You must realize that you have a great deal of power over your own health. Consider the fact that you in part, can control how you age and how you can maintain good health throughout your lifetime. Of course disease can occur to any of us. However you can greatly reduce your risks with a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Activity: Exercise is a very important part of any healthy lifestyle. Exercise will strengthen your body and you will begin to build muscle. Your metabolism will increase because muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat. So add some strength training routines to your exercise program. You can incorporate 2-3 strength training routines weekly. Only 15-20 sessions can have a huge impact on your physical strength and health. You will begin burning fat and therefore lose weight.

Good Fats versus Bad Fats: There are healthy fats to add to your diet. These include omega fatty acids such as those found in fresh fish. Salmon is has one of the highest levels of good omega fatty acids. 2-3 servings weekly could be very healthy and helpful to your weight loss. Research has shown that monounsatured fats are very effective for weight loss. A good food to add to your diet is avocados. Although not the lowest in calories, avocadoes are extremely nutritious and high in monosaturated fats. Try adding some avocado to a salad or make a guacamole dip to eat with veggie sticks such as celery and carrots. Other healthy food choices for good fats include grass fed beef and extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil has numerous health benefits. It has been shown to increase the fat burning response in the body as well as lower inflammation levels.

Sugar: Sugar is something you definitely want to eliminate from your diet, particularly if you are trying to lose weight. When you consume too much sugar, this signals your body to use insulin to begin burning it off. As a result, your insulin will spike. Whatever isn’t used will be converted by your body into fat. Try to limit your sugar intake to no more than 10 percent of your daily calorie intake. So for example if you consume 1500 calories daily, sugar should comprise only 150 of those calories. Always be on the lookout for hidden sources of sugar such as those found in soda and juices.

A Healthy Breakfast: When you are sleeping your metabolism goes into more of a resting state. This is referred to as “catabolism”. In order to turn it on as efficiently as possible, you need to eat a good breakfast. Having a protein with breakfast is helpful along with whole grains. A good breakfast choice might be a veggie omelet with whole wheat bread. Or some oatmeal topped with fresh fruit and a protein bar. And remember to start the day with drinking some fresh pure water to hydrate your body.

Eating Styles: Eating smaller “mini meals” is a very effective way to help you lose weight. Eating your meals at consistent times is helpful. Eating every three hours during the day is a good way to keep your body consistently fueled with energy. This will also keep you from overeating. Many people overeat because they starve themselves all day and then they binge on a huge dinner. The whole key to keeping weight off is to keep your metabolic rate as high as you can. Skipping meals actually lowers your metabolism.

Reward System: Everyone once in a while you really need to just reward yourself. If you are too regimented in your eating habits and never allow yourself a little indulgence now and then, one of two things will happen. Either you will end up binging or you will quit and begin to go back to your old habits. It is well known that when you are too restrictive in your diet you will usually binge within a month and potentially gain even more weight.

Supportive Relationships: Being with like minded people who take care of themselves will really help you. If you are with peers who are overweight and have no motivation to get in shape you will probably do the same. We tend to mirror those we associate with. So if this is your situation, why not look to broaden your horizons and meet new and interesting people. You could join a gym, or a local meet up group that does walking, hiking, swimming, dance, etc. This will change your outlook on yourself. Before you know it, you will incorporate new and healthy habits into your own life and be on your way to successful weight loss.

Eliminate Junk Foods: Go through your kitchen and eliminate all of the unhealthy junk foods and processed foods you have around. You will benefit yourself and your family by doing so. If you have easy access to junk foods, the odds are you will eat it. Anytime you feel rushed or upset about something you will reach out to these types of foods. Focus instead on filling your pantry with healthy, wholesome foods. Keep snacks such as fresh fruit and no sugar yogurts in your home.

Water: Water is very important to your good health. You need to stay hydrated. If it is hard for you to drink water, add fresh lemon or lime. Try drinking 4 to 6 glasses per day of water. Drinking water is helpful to weight loss because it keeps you feeling full. An easy way to get your water intake is to bring a few bottles with you to work to have readily available to you. This will lessen the temptation to consume soda or fruit juices that are high in calories and filled with sugar. Remember, whenever beginning any dietary or lifestyle changes, always consult with a medical professional, particularly if you are taking prescription drugs or suffer from any disease or ailment.