Important Things to Know Before Choosing and Using a Sauna

Health Benefits of a Sauna

One of America's foremost naturopaths, Dr. John R. Christopher, understood the importance of sweat baths (saunas) to release toxins from the body. He said, "One of the most important procedures … are the sweat baths. These will bring the poisons out of the body, wonderfully. There are various types of (sweat) baths, and these are all very valuable, very invigorating and health-giving. "

What is a Sauna?

Simply stated, a sauna is the process of submitting the body to extremes of heat and cold; a sweating period followed by a cool-down period. Saunas have become very popular, but many Americans may be missing out on most of its health benefits by doing it incorrectly. Unless you come from a country where saunas are prevalent, or have been instructed in their proper use, you may not know how to use one correctly. The first thing to understand is that a sauna is not a weight-loss program. If you do lose a few pounds, it is only due to heavy sweating, but the increase in metabolism is not enough to cause true weight reduction. However, do not be dismayed! There are many wonderful health benefits that can be obtained from using the sauna on a regular basis.

If you are new to the sauna experience

Newcomers to the sauna may find it a little uncomfortable at first, particularly the burning sensation that occurs when you try to breathe through your nose, if you are using a dry heat sauna. Until you adjust, try breathing slowly through your mouth. Also, be aware that the higher up you are in the sauna room, the hotter the air will be. If it becomes too uncomfortable the first time, you can move to a lower level (if you are on the top bench), or you can stay in it a shorter amount of time. If you can, though, it is best to stay until you at least being to perspire. There are other types of saunas, such as steam saunas and far-infrared (FIR) saunas. In opinion of this author, the FIRS are the best type because they also have a specific health benefit on the muscles and internal organs. These units are used in hospitals and other medical settings.

What a sauna will do for you

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce colds and flu ·
  • Give younger-looking skin ·
  • Improve sleep
  • Detoxify the body by releasing heavy metals from the body
  • Relieve chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and hay fever (regular sauna users have fewer respiratory tract infections)
  • Help regulate high blood pressure
  • Improve and heal acne and other related skin problems
  • Reduce muscle pain and tension
  • Help improve blood circulation
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Ease joint pain and stiffness (without toxic side-effects)
  • Relax muscles and increases flexibility
  • Relieve pain
  • Deep cleanse skin
  • Remove toxins and mineral waste
  • Burn calories
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Lift depression
  • Help balance the psyche and emotions ·
  • Provide a deep, total-body cleansing
  • Improve circulation

Equipment you will need

  • The sauna – Public saunas are not bad, but if you are able, it is far better to install one in your own home. Home saunas are affordable and one need not worry about picking up some bug from someone else's sweat. An in-home sauna is also so much more convenient that you will undoubtedly use it more often. Consider the cost as an investment in your good health.
  • A very small bikini (if it is a public sauna). Your birthday suit works best, though, and is another good reason for installing your own sauna in your own home.
  • A body brush. These can be obtained from most health stores.
  • Shower shoes (for public sauna use) and access to a shower. Shower shoes are not needed if you have your own sauna at home. The shower afterwards is a very important part of the sauna experience. It cools you down quickly (keep in mind the principle of hydrotherapy) and rinses off the toxic-laden sweat your body has just produced.

How the sauna causes the body to detoxify

The blood stream is composed of about half water and half cells. When you sweat, some of the water is removed and the blood gets thicker. The body then tries to maintain the balance in the blood by drawing water from the cells. As it does this, toxins are also pulled from the cells and the detoxification process begins. Once the toxins are in the blood stream, they will be delivered to the excretion organs-the liver and kidneys. About an hour after the sauna, the balance (homeostasis) is regained, whether you drink water or not. However, if you drink water during the sauna, it goes into the blood stream very quickly, which means that intra-cellular water is not needed and therefore the detoxification process is undermined.

Things to Do When Using the Sauna

  • Remove all jewelry, as metal heats up quickly and can burn you
  • Do all of your exercising before you use the sauna, not after
  • Use a body brush to dry-brush your entire body before the sauna. This will promote faster sweating and stimulate your lymphatic system.
  • Make use of the restroom facilities prior to using the sauna
  • Spend 6 -15 minutes in the sauna. It is best to lie down, if possible. In any case, do not sit with your feet hanging down.
  • Use the second bench (or third, if there is one)
  • Relax, close your eyes. If some areas of your skin (such as elbows or shins) get too hot because they do not perspire, use your hands to move some perspiration from other areas.
  • After the time is up, take a cold shower (getting wet from the feet up) and spend an equal amount of time drying off, cooling down and relaxing. You may want to wear a robe so you do not get chilled.
  • Repeat the above process at least 2 times – 3 times if you can spare the time
  • Taking the sauna in your birthday suit (naked) is best, but for the public sauna, wear the smallest bikini or bathing trunks (made of light unlined cotton) that you can find. Or, you could wrap yourself loosely in a bath towel. A full bathing suit will trap the heat next to your body, which will hinder evaporation and your body will heat up too much under the clothing
  • Drink water to replenish the fluids after the sauna.
  • Eat lightly afterwards
  • If you can work in a full body massage afterwards, so much the better. You'll want to drink plenty of water after the body massage.

Things Not to Do When Using the Sauna

  • Drink water during the sauna as it undermines the detoxification process
  • Go into the sauna with a wet body or wet swimsuit (you will not start to sweat until the moisture has evaporated).
  • Talk, read or exercise during the sauna
  • Dangle your legs over the edge of the bench. It is best to lie down, if possible. Dangling the legs over the edge causes blood to flow to the legs and collect there
  • Skip the cold water shower afterwards. This is import for several reasons.
  • Use a hot tub between or after a sauna session
  • Exercise after the sauna

Do not use the sauna if you have :

  • Advanced arteriosclerotic conditions
  • Acute inflammatory arthritis
  • Acute infectious diseases, including tuberculosis
  • Cancer and other malignant degenerative problems
  • Uncontrolled circulatory or heart conditions
  • Extremely low blood pressure
  • Epilepsy or other seizure disorders
  • Serious liver or kidney problems
  • Advanced thyroid dysfunction (hyper or hypo)
  • Angina pectoris
  • Recent heart attack
  • Extreme acne vulgaris, eczema and open boils (in public sauna)

What Type of Sauna is Best?

Many saunas utilize an electric heater. Sometimes rocks are piled up around the heater element to help retain heat. The rocks also can be doused occasionally with water to temporarily increase the humidity. The temperature inside is usually kept around 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of sauna usually takes an hour or two before it is ready for use and is probably the most expensive to use in terms of the use of electricity.

The whole point of the sauna is to make your body sweat, which in turn helps it to get rid of toxins that have been building up inside. Sweat therapy is an excellent means of overall purification. The skin is the largest eliminative organ in the body and the elimination through sweating is more passive and requires less expenditure of energy than elimination via the kidneys and bowels. To aid and enhance the process of elimination of toxins, you can add herbal teas such as yarrow, elder or peppermint. Do not drink them during the sauna process, however.

The heat from the infra-red sauna allows your body to produce a great deal more perspiration through your pores and it requires less time to be ready for use. Far-infrared therapy is FDA approved for pain relief, decreasing joint stiffness, detoxification and increasing blood circulation. It is both safe and natural. As one who has relied on this therapy, I can vouch for its effectiveness on pain. After using the FIR unit, pain I experienced from a case of frozen shoulder decreased by about 80% or more, and when used regularly, the pain reduction was almost 100%. I personally would not be without a FIR unit.

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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise – Easy Ways to Get a Fit and Sexy Look!

Are you looking for a simple solution to get an attractive body-line? Can not take the hardship of workouts anymore? Want to learn how to lose weight fast without exercise? Any average person can get his / her dream figure with a little effort and it is possible without any exercising if some simple rules are followed. Let's learn about 3 powerful & effective rules that can give you a fit and good looking body shape.

Tip # 1 – Easy Dieting In A Changed Way

Proper diet foods that contain low carb, healthy protein, lots of fiber etc. can give you body fitness and desired weight loss. To get the full benefit of dieting you should take smaller meals 5/6 times a day replacing 3 huge meals. As a result your body metabolism rate will raise and more calories will burn. Thus you will get in shape quick attaining a slim and sexy body line that will impress all.

Tip # 2 – Water To Limit Liquid Calorie

When it comes down to how to lose weight fast without exercise, checking the liquid calorie becomes an important factor. If you drink plenty of water as a replacement of beverages and alcoholic drinks then you will be able to take care of the extra calories easily. Moreover water will keep your digestion process smooth and clean. Thus you can easily get your body in shape and look far better than you do now.

Tip # 3 – Set Your Target

By setting a target in the plan, you will get quicker results and will be able to measure the changes by your own. If you follow the schedule persistently, you will get the desired weight loss within a short period without the hardship of exercises.So all you need is strong willpower to attain success in your weight loss journey and make yourself look fit & sexy.

These simple but effective rules will make your efforts to lose weight without exercising successful and you can do this at home.

Garcinia Cambogia Supplement for Weight Loss

Garcinia cambogia has become a leading weight loss supplement for adults around the world looking to achieve their weight loss goals. This supplement is made from a fruit, providing a natural and safe supplement with outstanding results.

The product arrives in the form of capsules which are then taken twice per day; one half an hour before breakfast and the other half an hour before lunch. These tablets help reduce appetite while stopping fat cell formation. What this means is that your body uses existing fat for energy, ensuring you lose weight quickly and effectively.

When you find a garcinia cambogia supplier, you can’t place your order and expect the capsules to do all the hard work themselves. You will want to help them along to improve your results and speed up your weight loss progress.

Water is an essential element to any diet. Water doesn’t contain any calories and helps flush the body of any unwanted toxins. The good news is that water also helps keep you hydrated, so it’s imperative that whether you are taking garcinia cambogia or not, that you drink at least eight glasses of water each day.

Many people eat because they think they are hungry, when in fact they are actually suffering from dehydration. So when taking your capsules, ensure you take them with a full glass of water, water also helps fill you up, reducing the amount you eat in a single sitting.

The next step to effective weight loss is to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing a low calorie diet that will leave you hungry and unable to stick to it long term. Eating a well-balanced diet filled with fruit and vegetables is the best way to reach your goal weight.

Take your three meals a day and break them into six smaller meals. Eating smaller meals reduces the risk of being hungry, helps increase energy levels and improves metabolism. Incorporating a healthy eating plan with garcinia cambogia is a recipe for success and the ability to reach your goal weight in the shortest possible time.

Exercise is important to any weight loss routine, though you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. Once you find your garcinia cambogia supplier and feel you are ready to start your weight loss program, start with some moderate exercise. A brisk walk around the block, a swim on a daily basis or a cycle through the forest with the family three times a week is all you need to get your heart pumping and your body burning calories.

It is essential that you choose a garcinia cambogia supplier that will provide you with a high quality, natural and safe product. With weight loss supplements in such high demand, there are many “fly by night” companies that are watering down their products and selling them as the genuine product. The problem is that you don’t achieve the results you expect, so spend some time researching the company to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

The company should have a good online reputation and the best way to determine this is to type their name into your search engine and see what results come up. Take the time to go through the results and look at customer reviews on review sites and online forums, this will give you some indication to the type of company you are about to purchase from.

The important factors to take into consideration is whether they are FDA registered, GMP approved and what they put in their capsules. They should provide you with a complete ingredients list to put your mind at ease.

Rowing Machines Are An Excellent Fitness Machine That Should Be Included In One’s Routine

Rowing machines are an excellent fitness machine that should be included in ones routine. They are the perfect fitness equipment both for losing weight, improve stamina, burn calories and as well to rehabilitate muscles, ligaments and joints after an injury.

If you are looking for a low-impact piece of exercise equipment that can provide everything from fat-burning cardiovascular aerobic workouts to anaerobic strength-training workouts, you should consider purchasing a rowing machine. There are numerous brands and styles to choose from, and there is a wide price range as well. They are great for a home gym, and some are even compact enough to be stored underneath your bed or couch. It’s no wonder that rowing machines born of the Great Boom of the early 80s are now a staple of so many yard sales ($15 and not a penny more). They are to rowing what the first running machines were to running; essentially unrelated. These days, technology has moved many exercise machines much closer to the motion they are intended to mimic, and rowing machines make a particularly good case study.Whether you have real-life (meaning, on water) rowing experience or not, using a rowing machine is a great way to stay active and healthy.


Rowing helps me maintain fitness, and my weight, and it allows me to be injury free. Fitness rowing machines based on magnetic resistance are available utilizing only magnet resistance or a combination of magnetic and air resistance. If you go to your local Gym or fitness centre, you will probably find rowing machines. You should be exercise equipments fitness gymn home erie luxury homes customer reviews on gazelle fitness equipment debt consolidation rate wholesale fitness equipment.

The best abdominal exercises Indoor rowing machines – now close to perfection Rowing machines are the business for calorie burnIs there an alternative to the Concept 2 indoor rowing machine. Rowing machines The term “rowing machine” has come to mean a machine used indoors for exercise or training purposes and which simulates the motion of rowing a boat using a pair of oars and a sliding seat. They exercise muscles in your arms, back, abdomen and legs. Rowing exercise offer both aerobic (heart and lungs) and anaerobic (muscle strengthening) benefits. They are an intense calorie burning exercise. They are fruitful in attaining fitness in true sense Fitness is dear to every one in the present era. Rowing also provides aerobic conditioning and strength training which makes rowing a very time efficient exercise. Rowing is also one of the few exercise machines that can strengthen the back. They offer you the chance to increase the tension setting and speed to challenge you. They are amazing for their gliding on water feel. Rowing MachineHome> The fitness benefits of a rowing machine are countless.


Health, October 2003 Rowing Machines Offer Total-Body Workoutby Dina Mishev One of the least-used gym machines may be just what you need for toned arms, shoulders, and thighs. I had rowed my way to heart healthiness and was given a clean bill of health by my physician and taken off blood pressure medication. Dieting is only a small part of the whole weight loss / health regime. Eating healthy for the sake of feeling good and practicing moderation and enjoying foods is way high up there in the tree. I am proud of myself for prioritizing my health. I’ve been thinking about the whole weighing in thing with this my renewed effort in getting healthy. General manager Tom Carter says: “We are trying to help young people understand the benefit cardio exercise can have and how integrating gym work into a healthy lifestyle can reap fantastic benefits. We’ve been told that BMI is a good measurement of your weight and health status and that by just losing weight we’ll be healthier and live longer.Luckily for me the gym had two Concept 2 rowing machines. Indoor rowing is one of my preferred forms of exercise so I’d love to have a rowing machine in my home- this would not only be convenient, but the one in my gym is a piece of junk. If anyone has any experience with rowing machines I’d love to hear some thoughts.

Indoor rowing is one of my preferred forms of exercise so Id love to have a rowing machine in my home- this would not only be convenient, but the one in my … […]on 09 Aug 2007 at 1:47 am Rowing Machine » WaterRower Club (S4) Rowing Machine. When I researched rowing machines I became convinced that a magnetic rower was the perfect fit for my home. The air resistance mechanism ensures a smoother ride than the piston resistance machines. With the Proform R400 rowing machine you can work all the major muscle groups with one machine. It is a solid machine and it appears to be one that will last for years. (Report this) 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful: This rowing machine ROCKS.

After having purchased an inexpensive piston rower (which was not so bad,

by the way) I tried in a fitness shop some magnetic rowers and I found them much better. So I shopped around and I tried the Tunturi R30, The Kettler Coach, the Fitness Quest Integrity 3000, the Water Rower,the Lifecore R900, the Life Span and the Body Craft VR 100. I found that the Body Craft has the best value for money ratio. It is built very well, its ergonomics are handsome, the workout is fantastic, and the price is very acceptable. I particularly like the position of the footpedals and of the handle-bar,which I think is perfect.It also looks like it is very durable and it will last forever. I am very much satisfied, and would recommend it to everyone looking for a classy rower at a very honest price.


Rowing machines are an excellent fitness machine that should be included in ones routine. When you are looking for rowing machines in a store or online its important to buy the best machine for you on the market. The rowing machines are supplied with detectors of time, tempo, distance and burnt calories control. Cardiovascular machines ? steppers, treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical and rowing machines are aimed at improving cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Exercising with Rowing machines is a complete exercise that is satisfying, enjoyable to do and provides a balance of fitness benefits.The secret to a good rowing machine workout is to get your legs involved. Secure your feet with the straps. Start your motion by pushing back with your legs, then pull back on the handles. With double handles, just follow the track. With a single handle, bring it toward your lower chest. Slide forward to the beginning position and repeat. Rowing machines are easy to use with just a little practice.You may think of rowing as more of a sport than an exercise. It’s actually both. Rowing machines are relatively low cost pieces of aerobic equipment that can give you a great dry land workout and condition your muscles for on-the-water rowing, if you want to do that. Rowing machines take up some space when in use, but many can be folded for storage, making them good for home workouts.

Dangers Of Metabolism Boosters And Energy Drinks

The main purpose of metabolism boosting substances is to assist body when exercising. They are there to accelerate calorie burning process. There is a common misperception that metabolism boosters can replace the role of physical activity in losing weight. Fault for this belief lies partly by online diet marketers. Last 5 years are known as “diet spamming” period. Majority of e-mail owners were receiving at least 1 “lose weight – no exercise needed product” mail weekly in their inbox. Though it is true that those products will make body burn more calories even with no exercise, dangers of such doing overshadow by far those hardly measurable weight loss effects.

Untrained body of overweight people is simply not up to the increased heart rate and blood circulation that energy drink or metabolism booster can cause. Heart attack can be the consequence. Each body needs time to adapt on faster blood circulation. Any instant shock caused by metabolism boosting diet product is a health hazard. This is especially important for people who face weight issues and have one or another kind of medical condition related to: high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels or any kind of heart muscle disorder.

Overweight people, who have long neglected physical exercises, should avoid dietary products that promise weight loss with no effort needed. Those products are predominantly based on extracts of different citrus fruits, alcohol and in 90% of cases they will content caffeine. For individuals just starting with their weight loss program, other kinds of dietary supplements should be considered. Here it should be emphasized that there is an important difference between overweight and obese individuals. No obesity case should ever be addressed without proper medical guidance.

One should also never underestimate the power of drinking water. Water is an effective and gentle body stimulant, with no negative side effects. Metabolism boosters and energy drinks should find their place in fitness studios with people who are daily devoted to hard physical exercise.

The Ultimate Lose Belly Fat Workout For a Smoking Hot Body For Summer

So, you’ve got your sneakers laced up and you’re ready to burn a massive amount of calories and shrink your fat cells. That’s an awesome feeling to be on the verge of making a difference for your health, but do you know what to do to get the best results from your efforts. If not, give the ultimate lose belly fat workout a shot.

The ultimate lose belly fat workout requires you to select a few different cardio exercises as well as a few strength exercises and combine them in circuits. You can use any exercises you like, but consider some on the following lists to get you started.


* Step up and down on a step or bottom stair for a minute

* 30 jumping jacks

* Jog in place for a minute

* Raise knees and tap with opposite hand, rotating for a minute


* Crunches

* Full sit ups

* Various dumbbell moves

* Push ups

* Bench dips on a chair

There are many other exercises that can be used in both of these categories. You can find them easily by doing a search online for additional moves.

To complete the ultimate lose belly fat workout, simply pick one cardio move and several strength moves to form a circuit. Do one set of each exercise in the circuit with no pause in between. The point is to get your heart rate up and go straight from one exercise to the other. Ideally, make up three or four circuits with four or five exercises in each.

By combining strength exercises with a cardio move you will keep your heart rate higher than just lifting weights alone. The result will be a higher calorie burn which forces your body to dip into stored fat reserves, given you are eating less than you are burning throughout the day.

Weight Loss After Giving Birth – The Secret Formula to Shed Pounds Off After Pregnancy

You might complain that you don’t have time for exercise after your baby is born as you would be super busy with being a mother. You should take advantage of being busy as it can help you burn calories. The more you are physically busy the more calories your body burns. It is so true, and then you lose some weight – doesn’t it sound good? Anyway, here are some tips of losing weight after pregnancy:

– Drink a lot of water, not less than 10 glasses per day. Water can help you lose weight. Water helps your liver flush the waste out of your body, your kidneys don’t have to work so hard to get rid of the waste. Drinking water is one of the best ways to lose weight after giving birth. You would need a lot of water as you lost a lot during your birth giving.

– Eat lean meat – especially fish and chicken. There are good sources of protein that your body needs, plus there is little fat so it’s very good to consume this kind of meat.

– Eat more fruit and vegetables, this is good sources of vitamins and minerals. Try to eat 1 apple before each meal. Apples can help you lose weight as they make you feel full longer period of times.

– Saunas are good after giving birth. Try to use a sauna 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks after your baby is born. You will see that you can lose weight faster, your skin looks fresher and plus it’s good for your body that time.

– Exercise: you might not have time to exercise since you would be busy taking care of your newborn and doing other things. You don’t have to exercise if you don’t have time but try to do all the house chores and baby caring by yourself – at least it would help you burn some extra calories.

Why is Nutrition Important – 3 Reasons Why Good Nutrition is So Important?

If you want to improve your nutrition, there are three things you need to know, to live a longer and healthier life. They are a balanced diet, the nutritional value of your food and the exercise you do.

I will explain each of them in this article, and show how you can use them to achieve your own nutritional goals.

Why Is Nutrition Important in a Balanced Diet?

Obtaining a balanced diet is only worthwhile if you make sure that the food you eat has real nutritional value and you do sufficient exercise to complete the circle.

A balanced diet requires eating a good variety of whole foods – fruit, vegetables, grains and protein sources such as beef, chicken and fish.

Our bodies are about 70% water and need a regular supply of water to maintain the optimum level. We can live without food for some time, but not water.

Why Is Nutritional Value Important?

Increasing the nutritional value of your food requires avoiding highly processed foods and reading of food labels to ensure that the food contains what we expect and does not contain hidden sugars, saturated fats and sodium.

Much of the food available to us is so processed that it retains very little of the original nutrients. We need to search for food that retains its nutritional value to us and eat a much higher percentage of this type of food.

In general, we should avoid drinks with additives, such as sugar and flavouring or keep them to a minimum. Soft drinks will provide the liquid we need, but have limited nutritional value, so are best avoided.

Why Is Nutrition Important for Exercise?

Exercise should be considered as a very important part of a nutrition triangle which include the food we eat and the water we drink. Sufficient exercise is vital to our well being.

Exercise consumes calories that we need to replenish, or use to remove fat stored in the body. High levels of exercise require an equivalent level of nutrition to maintain a healthy balance.

The quantity of water we require will increase with the level of exercise, and our calorie consumption also increases with our exercise level.

We gain energy from the food we eat, so it is important to eat sufficient food with good nutritional value. A balanced diet results when we eat a very good variety of food.

If we wish to lose weight, we can use exercise to burn up excess calories and monitor our nutritional intake to maintain or improve our health.

We need to balance the level of our exercise with our nutritional and water intakes.

Remove Belly Fat and Experience a Healthy Life

Losing weight can really be a tough task. It seems to be a matter of sacrificing something in exchange of something else. You need to give up your usual diet while giving an extra effort for your workout. This is actually not anyone’s fault since being fat is not only caused by too much food intake but is also brought about by genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyle, and hormonal problems. But whatever the reason may be, you still have to give extra effort especially if you really want to remove belly fat.

When it comes to diet, whole foods are best suggested while in the process of losing weight. As much as possible, avoid eating fried foods and it will be much better if you prefer foods that are cooked via steaming process. Low fat foods, foods low in calories and organic foods that are known to help best in getting rid of belly fat must be considered. Oatmeal is suggested by experts as the best food for slimming down however, it should be prepared without salt or sugar. If you don’t like the taste, you can try adding fruits and a little honey instead of sugar. Dairy products like low fat milk and lactose-free milk products can also help in burning belly fat.

Fruits and vegetables are also excellent fat burners as these foods are high in fiber and low in calories. There are also essential fats that are needed by the body so better include olive oil and fatty acids like omega 3 from fish in your diet. This must be taken in frequently as this will guarantee to remove belly fat to best assist you with the entire process of burning fat. Since you need to keep a healthy diet, you must cut down your intake of chocolates, ice creams and chips. Instead, go for cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Drink a lot of water as this can dissolve fatty substances that might build up fats in the body. In the process of burning fats, eating pattern must also be observed. It is best if you divide your three meals into six. In this manner, you will be able to eat less in each meal. You should also eat your meal at least four hours before going to bed to be certain that the food taken is properly digested before sleeping. This must be observed as calories are best burnt while you are awake.

Although diet takes a big contribution in building up fats, this doesn’t mean that you need to give up ingesting foods. You still have to eat but be sure that you’re eating the right foods. You must also have the right exercises as an abdominal muscle workout and cardio exercise that will be best to remove belly fat fast.

In your purpose of getting rid of unwanted fats like such in your belly, a strong will power must be established. You must have self discipline to observe proper diet and to take extra effort to do the workout. You must be certain that your purpose of taking this is not for anybody else but for a healthier you.

Fat Burning Zone Vs. Cardio Training Zone

So often I have seen gym members spend countless hours on the treadmill strolling along waiting for the fat to melt off their bodies.

The belief is if you are in the “fat-burning zone” you are maximizing your fat loss. To get a clear understanding of whether this belief is true or false we must first define the “fat-burning zone” and what the “cardio training zone”.

The fat burning zone is ‘Low Intensity Cardio’ where your heart rate is between 60 – 70% of your maximum heart rate. This heart rate range is reached by standing up, walking fast or jogging. Will you burn fat yes, but just 50% of total calories you consume are coming from fat. If you maintain that intensity level after 20 min 70-80% of calories are coming now from fat and just 20-30% from carbohydrates. But this is the time when most of the people stop anyways.

The cardio training zone is ‘High Intensity Cardio’ and your heart rate is between 70 – 85% of your maximum heart rate.

Maximum heart rate can be estimated by the following formula:

(220 – Age) = Maximum Heart Rate

Example: (220-28) = 192b.p.m. (beats per minute) is the maximum heart rate.

fat burning zone – low intensity zone 192 x 60% – 70% = 115 – 134b.p.m.

cardio training zone – high intensity zone 192 x 70% – 85% = 134 – 163b.p.m.

So is the “fat-burning zone” the best way to lose fat?

You better sit down for this one… the answer is no.

Although the “fat-burning zone” uses a higher percentage of fat for fuel; you need to look at the big picture which is calories burned. Below is a chart that compares the two training zones.

Low Intensity Training burns 50% fat for fuel ex: 100 calories x 50% = 50 calories from fat

High Intensity Training burns 40% fat for fuel ex: 160 calories x 40% = 64 calories from fat

Say, for example, you burn 100 calories in 20 minutes of Low Intensity exercise compared to 160 calories in 10 minutes of High Intensity Exercise, you’ve still burned more total fat doing High Intensity Exercise.

The bottom line:

For individuals new to exercise it is recommended to start in this low intensity zone (60 – 70% of maximum heart rate). There will be some benefit in the first 2-3 weeks, initially they can experience even some weight loss.

But after this initial stage gradually we need to increase the intensity of our routine. Remember, this increase corresponds to a 70 – 85% of Maximum Hart Rate. Maintaining a higher intensity of exercise for a longer time could be sometimes very chalanging. In this cases what is called interval training represents a powerful tool. This means that we can increase the intensity level for a short period of time ( 30sec. – 2 min) returning after each interval to a basic intensity level. For example an initial intensity corresponding to 60% of MHR. First interval at an increase to 80% of MHR, maintaining this level for 1 minute, returning to a 60% MHR for 2-3 minutes. and starting a new cycle